Chocolate KoKo Puffs

We all know that kids and "big kids" or adults love a bowl of chocolate flavoured cereal so we created a wholesome one without the nasties and sugar.

We lightly toast wholemeal rice puffs with cacao and carob and a touch of maple syrup and monk fruit to sweeten it so you can eat a whole bowl of cereal and know that each mouthful is good for you and is made with real wholesome ingredients.


Our individual serve pots are so easy and convenient for the on the go brekkie , or to send in a lunchbox, or to keep in your office draw. They will keep you full and satisfied but you will love it so much, you will want to get our larger pack so you never run out.


Just add your choice of milk to the individual serve pots and you have a delicious wholesome pot of goodness.


Chocolate KoKo Puffs

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