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Exploring new ingredients and recipes that create heathy , alternative options is a lifelong passion


The Wholesome Pantry story.


I grew up cooking and baking alongside my granny and mum.
The kitchen has always been, and still is, my happy place.


Over time I turned my home pantry into a wholesome pantry, eliminating as much packaged and processed food as possible. I try my best to cook whole food that nourishes my family’s minds and bodies and gives them the best chance at school, work and home.


Combining my love of being in the kitchen with my passion for providing nutritious and wholesome food for my family, I founded Wholesome Pantry. I am always exploring new ingredients and ways of creating natural, better for you recipes, especially when you are seeking an alternative option for things you love, but can’t eat. This is when I discovered the amazing Watermelon Seed!

I believe if you stay true to yourself, love what you do and cook from the heart, you can create great things


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